Early Help

Early Help

Early HelpEarly Help is a way of thinking and working together as services with families that have additional or more complex needs.

Early Help is focused on prevention, early intervention, and the provision of support for families to prevent or reduce the need for statutory services. By working with families to identify their strengths, Early Help is focused on building resilience and creating sustainable change that enables families to overcome any future challenges.

The Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023 document outlines that it is far more effective to be proactive and promote the welfare of children than to be faced with the need to implement reactive measures

Early Help in Doncaster is an interconnected system of services, tools and resources working at a community support, universal and, acute and targeted level designed to improve outcomes for families across the borough. This means everyone working with children or their families is responsible for identifying needs as they emerge and providing help.

We want every child in Doncaster to reach their full potential, be safe, healthy and happy. To achieve this we follow our Early Help Outcomes Framework:

family outcomes framework
  • Getting a good education
  • Good early years development 
  • Improved mental and physical health 
  • Promoting recovery and reducing harm from substance use 
  • Improved family relationships 
  • Children safe from abuse and exploitation 
  • Crime prevention and tackling crime 
  • Safe from domestic abuse
  • Secure housing 
  • Financial stability 

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