Voluntary, community & faith

Voluntary, community and faith organisations – sometimes known as the third sector - make a huge contribution to supporting and enriching the lives of children and young people in Doncaster.

On this page you will find information for professionals and volunteers working in the third sector to support working with children and young people. This is designed to help you keep up to date with developments in safeguarding.

All organisations working with children and young people and/or their parents and carers should have policies and procedures which will ensure that children are safe, and that workers, volunteers and people in a position of trust know and understand their roles and responsibilities and how to respond appropriately if they have concerns about a child or young person's safety or wellbeing.

Further advice and support for voluntary, community and faith organisations and social enterprises around policies, procedures and training can be accessed through Community Wealth Builder Community.WealthBuilder@doncaster.gov.uk

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Published 1st May 2024